Life assurance / life insurance

All too often people either delay taking action or don’t consider – what happens if I fall ill or die? Unfortunately, these can have a devastating effect on family life. Arranging life assurance (commonly referred to by many as ‘life insurance’) or income protection can help you protect your family.

At Birkett Long IFA, our team of independent financial planning managers has the necessary expertise to provide a protection advisory service ensuring that you choose the most suitable policies for your needs. 

When considering life assurance, there are a number of options available, including level term assurance, decreasing term assurance and whole of life policies.

Our team under the protection advisory service will look at how life assurance policies can be linked with critical illness cover, income protection, or indeed family income benefit policies, as part of providing a comprehensive assurance package.

You may have the following questions –

  • How much do I pay for life assurance?
  • How long will life assurance cover me for?
  • What type of life assurance cover do I need?
  • What happened to the life assurance benefits if both parents die leaving children?

If you would like to discuss this further please call the team on 01206 217309 for a free initial chat.


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The team at Birkett Long IFA has been advising on life assurance, arrangements since the 1980’s and therefore has considerable expertise in this area.

What Our Client Say

  • It was a pleasure to both meet and deal with Nicola Ward, Financial Planning Manager, who always gave us excellent advice and service in a pleasant, easily understood and efficient manner. We would have no hesitation in contacting her again or recommending her should the need/opportunity arise.