Advising trusts

There are many types of Trusts and they can be created for different reasons, for example, following death, for children until they attain a certain age or following a personal injury.

Investment under a trust must be made in line with the Trusts circumstances and regularly reviewed; the Trustees should seek advice from a suitably qualified person.

At Birkett Long IFA, our financial planning managers have the expertise to deal with any type of Trust and have the added advantage of working closely with the solicitors at Birkett Long LLP to provide you with advice on both the financial and legal aspects.

As trustees it is important to understand your responsibilities in line with the Trustees Act 2000, to ensure the investments are made in line with the trust’s requirements and for the ultimate beneficiary(s) needs. Being a trustee is a very important role and seeking independent advice of a financial planning manager can help you with the decisions needing to be made.

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At Birkett Long IFA, we understand how important it is for you to provide details to someone who you can trust and to offer an equally high level of expertise. Our experience and ability to clearly explain all the options are crucial elements in building this trust.

What Our Client Say

  • I am always very impressed and comfortable with the service I receive. I will continue to recommend your firm as and when the opportunity arises. I send my grateful thanks again to both you and of course Colin. I really would be lost in the financial world without your continuing and friendly assistance. I wanted to say thank you for your can do attitude and the way you manage to make even the most monumental tasks (for me) seem to be achievable, and even are achieved, with a minimum of stress and fuss.