Investment solutions

Having worked hard to accumulate wealth, you want to ensure it is invested in line with your objectives and goals.

Birkett Long IFA’s independent financial planning managers will help you create an investment plan, taking into account these goals, and your attitude to risk.

Investment planning is a complex subject, with taxation implications also to be considered. Birkett Long IFA’s team of financial planning managers will provide independent financial advice to help you plan for your future needs. There are many types of investment arrangement, and our advisers can help with, as an example, the following:

  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs); including ISA transfers
  • Structured products, including deposit and investment plans
  • Unit Trusts/Open Ended Investment Companies
  • Investment Trusts
  • Investment Bonds
  • Offshore Investment products
  • Trust Investments

There are many options, and you may have further questions. To talk to one of the team about your investment options call us on 01206 217309 to arrange a free, initial meeting.


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At Birkett Long IFA, our service includes provision of an annual Investment Summary with an invite to an annual review meeting, which can incorporate your existing investments as well as those effected through Birkett Long.

We have particular strength in regard to Trust investments working closely with Birkett Long’s lawyers who specialise in wills, trusts and probate arrangements.

What Our Client Say

  • It was a pleasure to both meet and deal with Nicola Ward, Financial Planning Manager, who always gave us excellent advice and service in a pleasant, easily understood and efficient manner. We would have no hesitation in contacting her again or recommending her should the need/opportunity arise.