Planning for business exit

As a business owner, you are devoting all your time to building a successful and profitable business, but at some point in the future you are going to want to move on and exit the business. The key to a successful transition is in the planning and preparation.

At Birkett Long IFA, our independent financial planning managers know the key to a successful exit strategy is about careful planning, to make sure you get the best possible return for you and your family, getting the right balance of personal and financial goals, and making them come together seamlessly.

Before you can plan and implement financial decisions for your business, you need to have a clear and deep understanding of what you want to achieve.

There are many ways you can prepare to exit your business, here are some to think about:

  • I am thinking of passing my business on to my children
  • I am thinking about selling my business on to someone else, for example other shareholders, staff or management, or an unrelated party
  • Can I set up my business so the value passes to my beneficiaries?

To understand how we may be able to work with you to help you achieve a successful business exit, please call Mike Greely on 01206 217 324 for a consultation.


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What Our Client Say

  • The service from this team was excellent! Everything went smoothly, but most importantly we felt looked after in a very personal way. I was particularly impressed with the financial advisory service from Nicola, who was meticulous in her attention to detail, and made me feel that the solutions being offered really were around our specific needs. Everyone that we had contact with was able to give superb customer care, so you really should feel proud!